Strategic HR Management

Strategic human resource management is an approach to managing human resources that supports your business goals and outcomes with a strategic framework. It focuses on longer-term resourcing issues within the context of an organisation’s goals and the evolving nature of work, and informs other HR strategies, such as reward or performance, determining how they are integrated into the overall business strategy.

Contracts of Employment

We can help you write up clear and concise contracts to comply with employment contract law and help you understand your legal obligations. The law requires you to provide all employees taken on for one month or more with a Written Statement of Employment Particulars. You must do this within the first two months of service.

GDPR Documentation

General Data Protection Regulation affects all businesses and applies to all personal data that we process, whether it is stored electronically, on paper or on other materials. Your organisation must demonstrate that it is committed to being clear and transparent about how it collects and uses personal data. The new rules are intended to meet the needs of a digital age, and require a change in organisational attitude towards data privacy. We can prepare the HR communications and documentation for you.

Employee Engagement

How to get the best from your employees to increase productivity while also raising employee engagement and moral. Employees who have good quality jobs and are managed well, will not only be happier, healthier and more fulfilled, but are also more likely to drive productivity, better products or services, and innovation.

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