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Holiday During Furlough?

Have you thought about annual leave during Furlough? Holiday continues to accrue during the furlough period. Do you want your employees to use this holiday during or after furlough? There are different trains of thought on this but do you really want everyone booking their holidays when they finally return to work? From a resourcing Read more about Holiday During Furlough?[…]

Unlocking the Lockdown!

Unlocking the Lockdown! The return to work is arguably more complicated than going into lockdown, so it’s crucial that you carefully prepare and communicate your plan to your employees. How will you prepare for your employee’s safe return to work? Have you considered the health and safety implications? Following the latest guidance from the Government, Read more about Unlocking the Lockdown![…]


Coronavirus. Do you have a plan in the event of Covid-19 hitting your workforce? You should be asking yourself the following questions? 1. What will you do if you suspect someone has contracted the virus? 2. How will you respond if an employee self isolates? 3. If you send someone home, what will you do Read more about Coronavirus[…]

Are your big fish looking for a bigger pond?

Have you considered what you will do when your key players decide to move on to ‘pastures new’ or retire? What plans are in place to secure a seamless exit strategy? Don’t underestimate how quickly a business can fail without robust leadership and structure. Succession planning is a process to identify and develop internal and external Read more about Are your big fish looking for a bigger pond?[…]

Did you know the calculation for holiday pay has changed?

The Court of Appeal has confirmed, that when calculating a worker’s holiday pay, you must include payments made in respect of regular voluntary overtime. This could have far reaching consequences for many businesses. The Working Time Regulations 1998 (WTR) state that all workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks’ paid annual leave. Four weeks of this derives from the Read more about Did you know the calculation for holiday pay has changed?[…]