Why bother with employee induction?

This is the start of your employee’s journey, you’ve just recruited yourself a fantastic new employee, so how are you going to keep them? Delivering an excellent induction is a great place to start.  Make them welcome, promote your brand and tell them about your vision and culture, after all, you selected this person because they are going to be a brilliant asset to your company, so you need to get this right!

Make the induction a priority, it needs to be thorough and, if it includes a welcome/starter pack then so much the better.

Research shows that if you don’t get the induction right they won’t be with you for long and this is going to cost you time, money and may damage your brand.  These costs can mount up if you take into consideration recruitment selection, advertising, training costs etc. A poor induction process can also have a detrimental impact on staff turnover figures, sickness absence and performance levels. 

The induction essentials, including role specific information, health & safety, company culture, brand, background and policy should, at the very least start on day one.  However, it is advisable to ensure that you provide all of the necessary joining details, pre-employment. First impressions count and you do not want your new employee floundering on their first day, so be clear and provide an induction timetable.

Do ensure that you continually monitor and measure the efficacy of your induction programme.  According to the CIPD, 56% or companies do not manage staff turnover and if this is linked to your induction process, then you need to change it!

It is important to consider the environmental impact, so try to provide this electronically by issuing company information, handbooks, GDPR, H & S on a memory stick as part of the starter pack, or intranet if this is available to you.  This way you will be doing your bit to save the planet as well as keeping your newbies informed. This is GDPR compliant as you are not including personal data, just top tips and FAQ’s for new people.  Please contact me for more info jane.rodger@activehr.org Mobile: 07798 788719