Changes to Employment Law in April 2020

It’s all change for April 2020. Here are my Top Six, please take a closer look to see how they will affect your business.

IR35 changes from 6 April 2020 – to increase compliance with the existing off-payroll working rules (often known as IR35), medium and large organisations in all sectors of the economy will become responsible for assessing the employment status of individuals who work for them through their own limited company. You need to check if this applies to you.

Itemised Pay statement (Payslip) – employers must provide all workers with a payslip, it is no longer just for employees. This will include agency staff, zero hours workers, contractors, freelancers and other workers on payroll.

Written Statement becomes a day one right – from 6 April 2020 you must provide a written statement of employment particulars to all workers, as well as employees from day one, plus you must include additional content.

National Minimum wage – goes up to £8.72 pr hr for 25’s and over.

New rules on calculating holiday pay – from 6 April, the reference period is increasing. Currently, where a worker has variable pay or hours, their holiday pay is calculated using an average from the last 12 weeks in which they worked, and thus earned pay. This reference period is being increased to 52 weeks.

Agency workers – will receive the same pay and basic working conditions as direct recruits once they have completed 12 weeks’ continuous service working in the same role.
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