Holiday During Furlough?

Have you thought about annual leave during Furlough?
Holiday continues to accrue during the furlough period. Do you want your employees to use this holiday during or after furlough? There are different trains of thought on this but do you really want everyone booking their holidays when they finally return to work? From a resourcing point of view, you may be better to ask your employees to take some holiday now, before they return. This can include Bank holidays if they are usually taken as leave.

Holiday leave must be paid at 100%, which means you (the employer) will have to top up the 80% furlough grant. You can ask your employees to waiver any contractual holiday over and above the statutory minimum but the stat entitlement of 5.6 weeks will stand. Workers can also carry over holiday for a period of two years, as the Govt have brought in new legislation. You can of course, refuse holiday requests, although you must consider if this is merely pushing the problem into subsequent holiday years.

Handle this topic with care and keep on top of the ever-changing legislation.
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